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New Feature - The Selfless Plug

Occasionally I'll be posting a Selfless Plug - meaning I want to share a cool product with you that I don't sell or have a financial interest in. I get really excited by products I like so why wouldn't I share?

In my first Selfless Plug I'm featuring the Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Twisty Tail mascara.

What a mouthful! It is well known that I have a deep love affair with mascara. One of my favorite gifts ever was a huge mascara sampler and over the years I've tested a ton of brands.

The irresistible innovation here is the adjustable brush. The tip of the cap has a dial that allows you to change the shape of the brush from straight, all the way to an extreme curve. I never knew I needed this but it is a great idea. There are instructions for use but I found that for my eye shape, I use the straight brush to coat all my lashes the twist it to the most curve and apply a second coat to the middle lashes which curls and really opens up my eyes. The look is wide awake and who couldn't use that?

As a bonus, there is extra joy in the artist collaborative packaging. Mascara arrives in a popup card featuring dinosaurs roaming the "building forests" of New York City. Too cute.

I bought the Twisty Tail mascara for the brush gimmick and ended up really loving the mascara inside. The applicator lets me coat every single lash with no clumps or flakes. I mean ZERO CLUMPS! If you think of mascara as either wet or dry, this would be on the drier side, which I prefer as I find it easier to control. It stays put and is best taken off at the end of the day with remover. It comes in one color (black) and at $27 on Sephora, it's in the ballpark with a lot of other brands.

I hope you enjoyed my first Selfless Plug. Enjoy your big, bold lashes!